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Weedmaps — The Yelp of Medical Marijuana

26 Jan
Weedmaps Logo

We’re big fans of Weedmaps. They’ve created an impressive — and legal — online marijuana community. Users can discuss and review marijuana strains, issues pertaining to medical marijuana, and local dispensaries. According to Wikipedia, they have a large database with over 25,000 strains of marijuana and over 3,000 medical marijuana dispensaries. From patients to businesses […]

The Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease Releases Study Supporting Use of Medical Marijuana

26 Jan
Medical Marijuana Picture, Paul Armento, NORML

We keep reading new reports of positive research on medical marijuana. Here’s another by The Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, which states that medical marijuana has been shown to reduce many symptoms correlated with Alzheimer’s. Let’s examine their abstract: BACKGROUND: Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a potential treatment for Alzheimer’s disease (AD). OBJECTIVE: To measure efficacy and safety […]

Alabama Lawmaker Seeks to Support Medical Marijuana Oil

25 Jan
State Rep. Mike Ball holds Leni Young. (Courtesy of Grace O'Connor/Grace O'Connor Photography)

More and more we’re seeing new initiatives and legislation in favor of medical marijuana. It’s legal in nearly half the country now, with several states proposing legislative changes this year. Here’s an article discussing how and why State Rep. Mike Ball is pushing for Alabama to allow medical marijuana oil. His actions were inspired from […]

Vermont Governor Urges Lawmakers to Legalize Marijuana

23 Jan
Vermont Marijuana Picture, Credit High Times News

In his recent annual State of the State address, Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin outlined a strong five-point argument to legalize marijuana. If it passes through state legislature, this will mark an important and positive shift in marijuana politics, as previous legalization has originated from citizen ballot initiatives. With near breakneck speed, Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin […]

BaM Quality Marijuana Available by Valentine’s Day

28 Dec

BaM quality marijuana will be available by Valentine’s Day! Check back on our website shortly before February 14th, then view our dispensary locator. There you will find several dispensaries that carry BaM. Rest assured, you will have plenty of options. We are aligning with some of the best dispensaries in Las Vegas.