BaM Quality Medical Marijuana Now Available in 3 Las Vegas Dispensaries and 4 Locations

BaM Quality Medical Marijuana, Las Vegas, Nevada Dispensary Map 2BaM quality medical marijuana is now available in 3 Las Vegas dispensaries and 4 locations! With more coming soon.

Please use our Find BaM Dispensary Locator to find the medical marijuana dispensary nearest you in Las Vegas, Nevada.

BaM quality medical marijuana is currently available at these dispensaries and locations:

  1. Inyo Fine Cannabis Dispensary:  2520 S Maryland Pkwy #2, Las Vegas, Nevada 89109; Phone 702-707-8888
  2. Oasis Medical Cannabis:  1800 Industrial Road, Suite 180, Las Vegas, Nevada 89102; Phone 702-420-2405
  3. Essence Cannabis Dispensary:
    On the strip — 2307 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, Nevada 89104; Phone 702-570-8472
    Essence West —  5765 West Tropicana, Las Vegas, Nevada 89103; Phone 702-570-8472

Please use medical marijuana responsibly and as directed by your doctor. Please follow the medical marijuana laws of the state you are located in. Nevada is the only state that accepts medical marijuana cards from any other state. When visiting a dispensary, be sure to bring your medical marijuana card and a valid ID.