Las Vegas Cannabis Casino?

Las Vegas Marijuana Casino

In a city where long-shots come to fruition on a daily basis- the expression “anything is possible” is very real.

If Nevada voters approve a ballot measure in November to legalize recreational marijuana, High Times, the 42-year-old cannabis lifestyle magazine, is hoping to open a casino serving cannabis right here in Las Vegas.

And, if the data collected from CBS News showing that the majority of Americans believe marijuana use should be legal means anything, the odds of approval are favorable.

“The company is deep in talks with partners to open a series of high-end cannabis-consumption lounges in Colorado, where adult use of marijuana is legal, and in Las Vegas, where medical marijuana is legal under Nevada state law,” the Times reported. “In Las Vegas, the company’s partners have also secured a cabaret license and a gambling license as well as approval for an off-site dispensary at an undisclosed location 150 feet off the Strip.”

Let me mention that the current stance of the Nevada Gaming Control Board is that even if the State of Nevada legalizes cannabis for recreational use, it will not allow cannabis to be sold or consumed in a location that has gaming. Cannabis is illegal on the Federal level, thus no gaming license will be allowed.

There are many times in the history of the United States where progression has allowed antiquated laws to be repealed, so why couldn’t this be the case here? Only time will tell.