Medical Marijuana Proposal Approved by Arkansas Attorney General

18 Feb
Arkansas Map, Photo Credit Enchanted Learning

Medical marijuana continues to be pushed by various legislators and public officials across the United States. Arkansas came close to legalizing medical marijuana in 2012, though voters rejected it by a slim margin. Now Arkansas will have another chance, and this is the first medical marijuana proposal approved by the Arkansas Attorney General. LITTLE ROCK […]

Two Veterans Seek Medical Marijuana Assistance from the Dept of Veterans Affairs

17 Feb
Veteran Soldier Salutes U.S. Flag

Even in states where medical marijuana is legal (which includes 23 states), veterans are given no medical marijuana support from the Department of Veterans Affairs. This is because at the federal level, medical marijuana is still illegal. Two veterans — among many others — are working to change this VA policy. Below in italics is […]

Two More Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Opening in Massachusetts

15 Feb
Physical Map of Massachusetts, Photo Credit

With more than 20,000 registered medical marijuana patients, Massachusetts is finally opening up additional medical marijuana dispensaries. See article excerpts in italics below. We’ve also seen considerable medical marijuana growth in Nevada, especially Las Vegas. To find a medical marijuana dispensary in Las Vegas or throughout the state of Nevada, we suggest Weedmaps. “The number […]

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries, Jobs, Patients & More on Rise in Connecticut

13 Feb
Medical Marijuana is Growing in Connecticut, Picture from

Medical marijuana business is booming in Connecticut. See story excerpts below in italics, as well as link to full article from This week we also discussed Colorado’s thriving medical marijuana and recreational marijuana industry. Like Connecticut and Colorado, medical marijuana business is nicely flowering in Nevada and especially Las Vegas. “Medical marijuana is without […]

Augusta School Board Approves Medical Marijuana Policy

12 Feb
Maine Map, Photo Credit Greenwich Mean Time

Across America and the world, medical marijuana laws, policies, treatments, and even perceptions appear to be shifting a little each month. Yesterday and by unanimous vote, Augusta, Maine school board members approved a medical marijuana policy. Below is part of the story. “Superintendent James Anastasio said the policy is based on a model policy from […]

Iowa State Representative Sponsors New Medical Marijuana Bill

09 Feb
KCCI Des Moines News

Here’s another new bill in favor of medical marijuana, posted by a Republican State Representative in Iowa. Story below in italics. There appears to be growing momentum for medical marijuana, both in research and in legislation. Medical marijuana is legal in the state of Nevada, and with the assistance of Weedmaps, you can find a […]

California Medical Association Announces Support for Responsible Marijuana Ballot Initiative

08 Feb
California Medical Assocation Logo

California’s largest group of doctors, the California Medical Association, is making a strong push for legalized marijuana with responsible parameters and detailed safeguards. See the article below in italics. Similar legislation efforts are happening across the country. Medical marijuana is currently legal in 23 states, and may be legalized next in these five states: ¬†Mississippi; […]

Two Medical Marijuana Bills Advance Further in Utah

05 Feb
KSL TV Utah News Logo

This year and last year, we’ve watched numerous medical marijuana bills enter legislation across the United States. Below is a news story showing two more medical marijuana bills in Utah. We’ve also read stories of patients moving to another state just to get the medical treatment they desire. Medical marijuana is legal in Nevada. There […]

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Pushes for Change on Medical Marijuana Rules in Veterans Affairs

04 Feb
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, Corey Sipkin, New York Daily News

In a state where medical marijuana is legal, shouldn’t patients be able to discuss medical marijuana options with their doctors? That is what New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is pushing for regarding the rules that govern Veterans Affairs. Medical marijuana is legal in Nevada, and therefore here in Las Vegas. If patients are interested in […]