BaM Quality Medical Marijuana

Client: NMG/BaM
AMS Job #: NMG 0316286
Project: New Dispensaries News release
Date: May 25, 2016


CONTACT: Annie Sliman
Advertising & Marketing Solutions, Inc. (702) 798-1819 office / (702) 429-1130 cell

LAS VEGAS­­(May 23, 2016)—Nevada Medical Group is delighted to announce that its high-quality BaM™ marijuana products are now available at 20 dispensaries in Southern Nevada. BaM™ is the official Nevada supplier of Sin City Seeds strains, which have been carefully developed over more than 15 years to deliver a unique combination of body and mind benefits. People with a medical marijuana card can find the nearest dispensary online at

Currently, Nevada is one of only six states that allows non-residents to purchase marijuana products at state-licensed facilities. Out-of-state clients simply need a government issued ID or passport along with a current medical marijuana card or letter of recommendation from any state that recognizes medical marijuana. Of course, Nevadans with a medical marijuana license have access to all dispensaries in the state.

Medical marijuana is known to be beneficial for reducing discomfort associated with neurological problems, cancers, multiple sclerosis and spastic disorders. It can also be helpful in alleviating the symptoms of HIV/AIDS, diabetes and substance abuse and has beneficial effects on appetite and mental health.

BaM™ products are made in small batches with a handcrafted growing process, without the use of synthetic pesticides. Currently, BaM™ offers eight strains to choose from, available in several forms, including flowers, vapes, pre-rolled joints and solvent-less concentrates.  Each strain has a unique combination of THC, terpenes, CBD and flavor characteristics, so patients can choose just the benefits and experience they want.  The eight strains are trade-named Sequoia Strawberry, Tangerine Power, SinValley OG, SinMint Cookies, Blue Power, Gorilla Glue #4, Key Lime Pie and White Nightmare.


Nevada Medical Group is a supplier and grower of medical marijuana for the Nevada market. Its proprietary Body and Mind (BaM) ™ products let consumers choose the perfect balance of body and mind benefits to get the precise experience they want. Founded in 2015, NMG addresses the needs of Nevada’s growing medical marijuana market. Its locally based and experienced team is committed to producing the highest quality medical marijuana products in Nevada through a handcrafted growing approach. Its custom facility and high level of individualized attention assures all BaM products are of the highest quality. The BaM product lineup features the award-winning strains of Sin City Seeds. Each strain has been carefully developed and lab-tested to deliver a unique combination of benefits. Consumers can choose from a variety of pure and potent BaM products, including the market’s only 100% solvent-free line of concentrates.

More information about BaM and its products is available at