New Poll Shows Illinois Voters Strongly Support Medical Marijuana

Sequoia Strawberry Dry Sift Rosin, BaM Quality Medical Marijuana, Las Vegas, NevadaAcross the United States, it appears more and more people are supporting the legal use of medical marijuana. At present medical marijuana is legal in 23 states plus Washington, D.C., with several additional states pushing legislation for legalization.

Here is another medical marijuana news story, published today from The Southern Illinoisan, showing a poll that indicates the strong majority of Illinois voters are in favor of medical marijuana legalization. Story excerpt below in italics.

There is only one state in America that accepts medical marijuana cards from any other state: Nevada. The Las Vegas area has the largest collection of medical marijuana dispensaries in the state of Nevada.

CARBONDALE — Illinois voters overwhelmingly support the use of marijuana for medical purposes, according to a new poll by the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute.

Of 1,000 registered voters sampled, 82 percent said they favor legalized medical marijuana, while 16 percent oppose it. Three percent were undecided.

Asked if they approve of legalization for recreational use, voters were more polarized, with 45 percent in favor and 51 percent against.

“We see clear support for medicinal marijuana, but its recreational use is a mixed bag,” David Yepsen, the institute’s director, said. “Medical use, recreational use and decriminalization are all related but are still distinct public policy issues in the minds of many voters.”

Support for medical marijuana use has skyrocketed in the three years since the institute’s polltakers last asked the question. In the 2013 poll, 63 percent supported it while 32 percent opposed it.

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