BaM offers a variety of Las Vegas medical marijuana strains to let you choose the balanced experience you want.

True Power, BaM Quality Medical Marijuana, Las Vegas Nevada

True Power

Indica dominant hybrid.
• The parent strains are True Power OG and our Blue Power.
• A heady and very relaxing effect, good for headache relief.
• Piney, earthy, and slightly citrus in aroma with a smooth taste.






Black Jack, BaM Quality Medical Marijuana, Las Vegas Nevada

Black Jack

A sativa-dominant hybrid crossed from Black Domina & Jack Herer.
• The parent strains are Black Domina and Jack Herer
• A heady & heavy sense of relaxation and heightened senses. Great for relieving stress, anxiety, and chronic pain.
• Aroma profile: sweet and slightly herbal/spicy, pineapple, melon.






Gelato, BaM Quality Medical Marijuana, Las Vegas Nevada


Gelato (also referred to as “Larry Bird”) is a slightly indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain of the cookies family.
• The parent strains are Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies.
• Comes on with a heady focused & euphoric effect, and follows up with a pleasant body buzz.
• Sweet and earthy in aroma and flavor.






Cherry Pineapple, BaM Quality Medical Marijuana, Las Vegas Nevada

Cherry Pineapple

This is true hybrid. Its cerebral effects are energizing and focused, while the body is mellow and relaxed.
• A cross between Cherry Pie and Pineapple Kush, this is a potent strain
• Creates a nice headspace that pairs well with a relaxing body vibe
• Flavor is dark sweet cherry with undertones of scorched caramel, mint, and of course, pineapple.






Sequoia Strawberry, BaM Quality Medical Marijuana, Las Vegas Nevada

Sequioa Strawberry

An energizing hybrid that delivers a smell and taste experience
• Uplifting affects that can help boost creativity
• Hits your nose with a barrage of fresh fruit smells
• Sweet, tart flavor of strawberries (without the syrupy taste of some varieties)






Tangerine Power,BaM Quality Medical Marijuana, Las Vegas NevadaTangerine Power
Elevating effects with amazing taste and smell
• 1st place winner in The Secret Cup NorCal 2013
• Unbelievable smell of pure, fresh-picked tangerines
• Intense citrus taste
• Elevating effects heighten relaxation to help you enjoy the moment





Sin Valley OG, BaM Quality Medical Marijuana, Las Vegas Nevada

SinValley OG
A relaxing strain sought after by OG and Kush lovers
• Top-placing OG in the 2014 Emerald Cup (4th Place overall out of 700 entries)
• Large, dense buds with a classic OG smell and taste








SinMint Cookies, BaM Quality Medical Marijuana, Las Vegas NevadaSinMint Cookies
Award-winning strain with great taste and high potency.
• Named a High Times Top Ten Strain of 2014
• High-THC Girl Scout Cookie hybrid
• Beautiful deep purple bud saturated with crystals
• You may experience a sense of heightened perspective with deep relaxation





Blue Power, BaM Quality Medical Marijuana, Las Vegas NevadaBlue Power
A unique, potent strain for relaxation and calming
• A high-potency Indica hybrid that packs a strong sedative effect
• Smooth and creamy Kush flavor
• Excellent variety for nighttime use—many patients experience a deeper, better, sounder sleep







Blue Key Lime Pie, BaM Quality Medical Marijuana, Las Vegas Nevada

Key Lime Pie
A rare, elite clone that’s a favorite of connoisseurs
• Intensely unique taste of lime and Kush
• Hints of classic girl scout cookie flavors add to the unique taste
• A good strain to stimulate creativity and live in the moment





Gorilla Glue, BaM Quality Medical Marijuana, Las Vegas, NevadaGG4
Award-winning, high-potency hybrid
• 1st place winner in the LA Cannabis Cup 2014
• Chunky, large flowers covered with so many crystals they almost look white
• Deep, earthy aroma and taste with a hint of chocolate
• High-potency hybrid strain to wind down and relax




White Nightmare, BaM Quality Medical Marijuana, Las Vegas, NevadaWhite Nightmare
Perfectly balanced, uplifting strain for daytime use
• Sativa-dominate, high-potency hybrid with euphoric effects
• Super-dense flowers carry the aroma of blueberries and candy
• Can help boost productivity, energy and focus





Thunderstruck, BaM Quality Medical Marijuana, Las Vegas, NevadaThunderstruck
Medical benefits with little or no psychoactive effect
• High CBD strain with very low THC
• CBD strains have been showed to help relieve pain, reduce anxiety, promote energy and wakefulness and reduce seizures
• Excellent choice if you want the medical benefits of marijuana with minimal impact on the mind
• Many patients actually report sharper mental clarity



BaM Quality Medical Marijuana is available at a Las Vegas marijuana dispensary near you.