BaM Rosin Rockets Now Available!


Bam Rosin Rocket

Rosin Rockets

Have you ever wanted a pre-roll that had more kick than your average joint? Keif joints are nice but they tend to burn harsh and lack great flavor. Butane Hash Oil or Twax joints are heavy hitting but can contain harmful residual solventless than can negatively effect the experience. Here at BaM we have been perfecting a high grade solventless concentrate infused preroll.

Named for its ability to blast you off into a higher state of consciousness, our exclusive Rosin Rockets are made up of 600mg high grade flower and 125mg of our award winning solventless Rosin. This enticing combination gives you the best of both worlds and makes for a preroll like none other. So the next time you are looking for something with a little more kick, try our Rosin Rockets and take flight!

Available now in Blue Power, Sequoia Strawberry, Sin Valley OG, Tangerine Power, SinMint Cookies, Gorilla Glue #4 and Key Lime Pie. Check for pricing and available retailers near you….