BaM Product Review in Vegas Cannabis Magazine

BaM Product Review Vegas Cannabis Magazine

Vegas Cannabis Magazine Reviews Select BaM Product in April Issue


BaM’s Tangerine Power Rosin, Sequoia Strawberry Rosin and Blue Power all get amazing marks in this month’s issue of Vegas Cannabis magazine.

Tangerine Power Rosin was chosen unanimously by the Vegas Cannabis Team as this month’s “Top Concentrate” and is described as what a “top shelf dab should be.” Our Sequoia Strawberry Rosin was described as “pungent and eye-opening” with one of their judges saying they “couldn’t get enough” of this top-shelf BaM product. Our Blue Power was noted as “The tastiest indica on the legal shelves right now.” Mic drop.

We’ll let you take a look at the full reviews yourself – head over to and peruse at your leisure.

If you’re wondering where you can get your hands on our award-winning product click HERE for our dispensary locator. BaM is now carried in 14 dispensaries here in Las Vegas- be sure to ask for BaM by name.

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