Virginia Passes Bill to Allow Medical Marijuana Oil

2016-03-10_1118Cannabidiol, or CBD, has shown promise for many patients with epilepsy, with some reporting a substantial decrease in number of seizures. Here’s another story of medical marijuana legislation making progress, this time in Virginia. See italics below.

Medical marijuana is legal in the state of Nevada. Nevada is proud to be the only state that accepts medical marijuana cards from any other state.

Richmond, Va., (WSET) — Big news today for children and adults hoping to get a form of medical marijuana to treat epilepsy.

The General Assembly has passed a bill allowing cannabidiol, or CBD, to be produced and distributed in Virginia.

Senator Dave Marsden said,

“Marijuana is a plant and there is a process by which you can derive these oils from that plant that can help people, and help our young children.”

Senator Dave Marsden sponsored the bill which expands on last year’s legislation that allows people with epilepsy to have the oil in their possession.

Read the full story from West ABC 13 News in Virginia on this passed medical marijuana bill

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