BaM Added BHO Products to its Concentrate Line!




BaM’s now offers BHO products, which includes Shatter, Sugar and Raw Distillate.


SHATTER: This is one of the most common concentrates for dabbing. Once the starting material has run through our closed loop BHO system, which removes fats & other unwanted plant particles from the oil, the product is purged for approximately 96 hours. The final product at this point has a consistency ranging from sticky sap to a very stable glass-like sheet of hardened cannabis resin. Shatter can contain up to 80% THC depending on the specific strain that is processed.

SUGAR: Sugar wax is another consistency of BHO. Some strains are prone to sugaring more than others. Sugar is a form of BHO that is agitated and purged properly to resemble a greasy sugar consistency. This form will have the greatest smell and taste present due to the terpenes being more volatile and it tends to off gas more readily. Once the final product is ready the outer appearance of the sugar becomes slightly crystalline and shines nicely. The overall texture is crumbly and is very easy to dab and work with. Sugar wax will be opaque with a distinct sheen on the surface.

RAW Distillate:  This is a solvent-free process that extracts up to 98% THC in a refined and pure manner. The cannabinoids are generally pulled from the starting product with steam and then fractionally distilled to refine the final oil into pure form. It’s thought of as a cannabis essential oil that is pure of residual solvents including those from the starting material, which can be used in multiple ways… Dabbing, cooking edibles, Vape cartridges on the go and even syringes. Our Raw form of distillate, which is mostly flavor-free, can be infused with cannabis derived terpenes to enhance the overall flavor.