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We at BaM understand that quality cannabis products must originate from very healthy cannabis plants. We cultivate all of our flower by hand and in small batches. We pride ourselves on giving each plant a significant amount of TLC and this shows- BaM strains have won multiple awards and BaM genetics (Sin City Seeds) have garnered a loyal consumer base! BaM concentrates/extracts are also hand crafted via a blend of proven scientific procedures and artistry. We fill our cartridges with a blend of highly refined cannabis oil and individually selected cannabis terpenes to deliver an extremely satisfying pull (all test results are made available to the public as well). Finally, and perhaps the tastiest, BaM edibles are hand crafted (surprise surprise) and prove to be a mouth watering experience unlike anything else on the market! Click on the images below to explore our wide range of products!

Click on the images below to explore our wide range of products!

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We take the time and devote the right amount of TLC to each plant we cultivate. The result is high quality, effective flower that you can rely on!

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We carefully select the most trichome rich and chunky buds to extract from, producing terpene rich concentrates. You'll salivate from the smell alone

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All of our edibles are crafted under the close watch of our master chef, who ensures each piece is dosed with the proper amount of cannabis oil. They're so tasty you'll want to eat more!

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Our pre-rolls are hard-hitting, flavorful, and highly dependable. We craft each one using whole buds only.

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High quality distillate. Compact, convenient & discreet solutions for people who medicate on the go.

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